Entropion is a medical condition that causes the lower eyelid to fold inward so that the eyelashes rub against the surface of the eye. The irritation can cause great discomfort. A related condition is called ectropion, where the eyelid turns outward. Both conditions typically require surgical repair to avoid vision loss and other eye health issues.

In mild cases of ectropion, Dr. Hickman may recommend artificial tears or ointments for symptom control. If surgery is required, the procedure will depend on the condition of the tissue surrounding your eyelid and the cause. Some ectropion is caused by muscle and ligament relaxation due to aging. The surgical corrective procedure is generally simple. If ectropion is caused by scar tissue from an injury or previous surgery, you may need a skin graft to support the lower lid. In cases where you have facial paralysis or serious scarring, you may need a second procedure to completely correct the ectropion.

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Scott Hickman is a fabulous doctor professionally and personally. I gladly “commute” to his new office for the quality care I have always received from him and his entire staff. If you care to see clearly, see Dr. Scott Hickman! ~Sharyn

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